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Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad Essay

Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, which is the Chief Executive Director of Faiza Sdn Bhd, which is synonymous with local private television reality program in the form of charity â€Å"Bersamamu† because the company is the main sponsor of the plan, said the intention now is to set up a foundation to help the poor. â€Å"Bersamamu† TV3, is a reality TV program which focused on the life of the poorer, helpless and misfortune Malaysian’s in their survival, whereas at the same time this TV programme, endeavoured to gain charity to the plight who’s aired on the show under the tag line â€Å"Hulurkan tangan ringankan beban†. As one of Corporate Social Resposibility, SYKT FAIZA takes this opportunity to be one of the sponsors for this TV programme since it started. In conjuction with that, consumers who purchase SYKT FAIZA’s products will also contribute to â€Å"Tabung Bersamamu TV3†. Quotes from Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, â€Å"Experience life on the ground approached the needy and single mother makes me desire to establish the Foundation Faiza one day to manage the welfare and contribution to the public. My intention is only one, that is not my intention to trade wealth for herself, but to help others, especially the poor and single mothers enjoy a good life â€Å". The sentence expressed her personality who likes to help others. Hajah Faiza involved in business not only because just to get rich but to give charity to the community. Even though, she is busy with his company but she has arrange her time to involve in commitment to corporate social responsibility. Each sale of product are been given to Tabung Bersamamu TV3 Picture of poor community with Faiza and television programme Bersamamu TV3 Despite her busy schedule, Hajah Faiza always spared time for charity work and heads a number of associations like Pemborong Beras Bumiputera Malaysia, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia (Perkim) Batu Pahat, Batu Pahat Umno Division (Head of Welfare Bureau) and sits on the Batu Pahat Board and trustee of the Batu Pahat orphanage.

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The Watergate Of The White House - 1713 Words

Richard Nixon’s six year stint in the White House is and was reviewed as a pivotal and influential time period in various aspects of American infrastructure. Nixon had come into office after the consistent twenty year dominance of presidential politics by a left-winged Democratic coalition. America coming out of conflicts across the globe was universally known as a global police force which was notorious for large-scale pre 21st century military conflict. When Nixon resigned, (The first United States president to do so) a conservative Republican regime was born that would in turn dominate the next twenty years of presidential politics. The post-Nixon Republican Party was known for delivering aid to our allies across the globe, and staying†¦show more content†¦Such distinction is understood by a transitional politician. His tendency and philosophy toward his foreign and domestic policy were mirror images in regards to their intent. Conservative, but understandably so a s the late sixties going into the seventies was the descent of liberalism’s early to mid-century dominance. His right-wing conservative system, could not be established without first deconstructing FDR’s liberal construct. During his Presidency it was noted that Nixon was â€Å"only as conservative as he could be† and â€Å"only as liberal as he had to be† (Hughes 1). He was accredited with the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency but had also made closed-door comments about how if he had not done so, the Democratic Congress would have forced more liberal laws and legislation into his term. Nixon was at times a hypocritical president especially in times that it was beneficial to him. Nixon was a president that ideologically could have opposed restriction on compensation and prices and stayed true to the beliefs in a private setting, while using them during his election-year to appeal to specific organizations. Yet this political/tactical malleability should not conceal his steadfast political purpose. His simple yet successful endgame was as such; move the country to the right. The Nixon administration signaled the end of

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The Fascinating Stories Of Our Early Ancestors Are Some

The fascinating stories of our early ancestors are some that can guide us in the understanding of who we are today. While the images that come to mind when hearing the words Neanderthals or cavemen are no doubt far from how we see people today, the human behind the husky beard and deerskin shaw is no different from today. Ever since the beginning of human interaction people have been conforming and for years scientist have been attempting to discover the reasons why. A number experiments have taken place over the years, bringing upon numerous experiments and theories to answer this question of conformity. According to an article by Saul Mcleod in Simple Psychology, â€Å"conformity is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or†¦show more content†¦Unanimously the â€Å"participants† would all choose what was obviously the wrong answer to see if the actual participant would feel pressured into knowingly choosing the wrong line. Consequently, the overall data from 12 critical trials they found that on average 32% of the participants conformed to the majority with the clearly wrong answers (McLeod â€Å"Asch†). While the candidate would privately admit to disagreeing with the views of the group, they will still conform during the trials out of fear of rejection from their peers. The other reason Deutsch and Gerrard were able to conclude for conformity is known as informational conformity. This is more likely to occur in an instance where the person actually lacks the knowledge they need, or is ambivalent about a situation leading them to look to a group for guidance. Often involved in this type of situation is an idea known as internalization, where a person accepts the views of the group and adopts them himself. To prove this idea a man named Muzafer Sherif conducted a study using the autokinetic effect. The idea behind this is that a small motionless pinpoint in a dark room will appear to be moving. For the first part of this study Sherif would put subjects in the room by themselves and record how far they believed the dot moved, after many trials most seemed to settle on somewhereShow MoreRelatedDaniel Gardner and the Science of Fear886 Words   |  4 Pagessteel raining down like confetti in a parade. They saw it live’ (Gardner, 2008). Nearly 3000 people were killed during the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 and the coming months the media were filled with interviews, profiles and terrible stories of loss. Fear of more terrorist attacks spread the nation. As a reaction, the American population massively abandoned airports and chose to travel by car instead, which had a great impact on the airline business. But what no one mentioned –nor theRead More Animal Influences in Paleolithic, Egyptian and Greek Art Essay1428 Words   |  6 Pagesnumerous ways in which animals have resonated within the human mind. Throughout history there have been representations ranging from the realistic, to myths, legends, symbols, and even horrific murderous beasts; at the same time providing fascinating perspectives of our own humanity. Various forms of art have conveyed ideas and concepts of animal’s intelligence, as well as behavior, from generation to generation. Animal art is used as a tool to make the connection between different cultures at differentRead MoreWhat Would You Do?. Thousands Of Years Ago, Before The1450 Words   |  6 Pagesfor human partnerships that eventually brought upon the creation of laws and standards. People found that without others being around to assist in times of need, it is much tougher to survive the cruelties life can bring. The fascinating stories of our early ancestors are some that can guide us in the understanding of who we are today. Ever since the beginning of human interaction people have been both intentionally and unknowingly conforming to the regulations of society. While in many aspects ofRead MoreAn Individual s War : The American Voice1692 Words   |  7 Pageseloquently through his stories, expressing how the Americans as individuals, could conquer prejudice societies, through their actions. Hawthorne himself could truly capture the American voice because he, himself was an American man. He was the â€Å"sixth generation of his Salem family[,] his ancestors included Puritan magnates, judges [who sought out the Witch Trials], and seamen† (Nathaniel Hawthorne) His bloodline was enriched with American history, full of fascinating stories with both tragic endingsRead MoreOn Religion and Hindu Mithology1517 Words   |  7 Pagesbelieve in the same God I do or other gods that I think do not exist. But nevertheless that does not make them any more different than I am, they are still human, still make mistakes, and still sin. The Hindu stories ancient and post/modern tells the stories of how nowadays, not all Indians are Hindus, and a growing number of Hindus are born outside India. Notably in the UK and North America. Clearly, it cannot be the birthplace alone that determines a person’s religionRead MoreThe Iroquois: People of the Longhouse1757 Words   |  8 Pagesas the sixth tribe, but they were non-voting members, but were placed under the protection of the Confederacy. (Colden, 1973) The Iroquois people were considered a hunter and gatherer society, they had to find and grow all their own food. In the early Iroquois stage the Iroquois people would grow maize and gather fish in the summer, but in the winter they would only hunt, these were there main sources of food. Later in the Iroquois stage there was an abundant source of agriculture farming, and theyRead MoreThe Origin and Continuation of the Greeting Card2020 Words   |  9 Pagescelebrate the New Year, and to the early Egyptians, who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls. By the early 1400s, handmade paper greeting cards were being exchanged in Europe. The Germans are known to have printed New Year’s greetings from woodcuts as early as 1400, and handmade paper Valentines were being exchanged in various parts of Europe in the early to mid-1400s. The first holiday greeting cards were probably the â€Å"Christmas Pieces† made by students in the early 18th century. Grade-schoolRead MoreWh at Does the a Place for the Friendless Female Exhibition Suggest of the Quality of Womens Citizenship in Colonial Australia? Compared with the Readings, How Successfully Does the Exhibition Place the Role of Female2118 Words   |  9 Pages– Tasmanian Year Book, 2000), and in 2010 just over 500,000 people were living in Tasmania with, according to Alexander (2010), more than 70% having [some] convict ancestry. This is not surprising, considering that more than 72,000 convicts were transported to VDL. The ancestry of many Tasmanians also originates from beyond the British Isles. Some people, free arrivals and convicts of colour, were sentenced in or departed from the UK, yet this was not their original homeland. Knowledge of theseRead MoreThe Thinking Ape : Primate Communication And Human Evolution3439 Words   |  14 PagesThinking Ape: Primate Communication Human Evolution Human behavior is so enigmatic and multifaceted that it s difficult to connect it to past influences, but how did we become the linguistic, cultured, and hugely successful animals that we are? Our closest relatives — the mentally complex and socially skilled primates--offer insightful clues. The language competence of non-human primates is one of the most controversial issues in present-day linguistics, with disbelief ranging from bored indifferenceRead MoreWhat s Up With Those Skeletons?1872 Words   |  8 PagesYou know the story. That clickbaity story regarding associate ancient skeleton that feels like it can be true, however you’re undecided as a result of you saw it on Facebook and also the ikon is granulose and also the write-up confusing. What’s up with those skeletons? square measure they whole faux, or is there some semblance of truth to the story? I’ve collected — and debunked — the ten weirdest skeleton stories I might realize to assist you out following time a far off acquaintance or long-lost

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Organizational Culture At Elim Care - 824 Words

A strong culture is important to today’s organizations in a fast pace environment affected by a diverse internal workforce (Baker, 2002 p. 4). Schein (as cited in Baker, 2002) defined organizational culture as an arrangement of shared beliefs that the group learned through problem solving, and adapting to internal and external environments (p.4). Culture is not only a means of bettering internal coordination, but is important in facilitating environmental adaptation (Baker, 2002 p. 4). Individual Organizational Culture The organization culture at Elim Care is closely tied to its mission and programs. The mission statement is: â€Å"We promise that everyone who interacts with a member of the Elim Family will be treated with dignity, understanding, compassion, and love, and will be accepted as a unique creation of God who is valued regardless of age or needs†. The goal at Elim Care is to achieve excellence in all of the care provided. The values of this facility include: †¢ Serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs with an eternal perspective. †¢ Maintaining ethical practices consistent with God’s Word. †¢ Assuring honesty and integrity in all relationships. †¢ Affirming the worth and dignity of all whom employ and serve. †¢ Honoring the sanctity of human life. †¢ Growing with focus and purpose based on sound financial management. †¢ Pursuing innovation and excellence to meet the challenges of a changing environment. The organizational and leadership structure at ElimShow MoreRelatedThe Nurse s Role On Influencing Change893 Words   |  4 PagesThe Nurse’s Role in Influencing Change Leadership and management activities are an integral part of professional nurses (Cherry, 2008). Considering the direct impact that hand hygiene compliance may cause on the residents’ health, nurses at Elim Village are obliged to initiate necessary changes in their agency practice. The change process outlined in change theories (e.g., Lewin’s change theory, chaos theory) will guide nurses to carry out such change in a systematic and organized manner, resultingRead MoreSafeguarding Nvq4112 Words   |  17 Pagesrecord the names of individuals who are considered unsuitable to work with children. All regulated child care organisations (as defined in the Act) have a statutory duty to refer the names of those individuals who fulfil certain criteria making them unsuitable to work with children for possible inclusion in the PoCA List. Child care organisations proposing to offer individuals employment in child care positions must not employ individuals whose names are included on the PoCA List or List 99 (on the grounds

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Great Influence of Grandparents free essay sample

Grandparents are an important part of every childs life, because they can give valuable and positive directions. Their unconditional love, warm, and strong bond they had with their grand children helps to the growth of a child as it has on me. I am opporturned to have two of my grandparents when l was growing up and they all influence my life in one way or the other ,but my paternal grandparents influence my life more greatly . They always request that my parent bring us, myself and my siblings to their home during weekends and holidays. My constant visit and their unconditional love to me made me become fond of them and l opted to stay with them and l started living with them when l was attending primary school and college , a period of twelve years . When l think back to these years when i was living with my grandparents, l think about all of my wonderful memories and directions giving to me by my grandparent. We will write a custom essay sample on Great Influence of Grandparents or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Often wish to go back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler . ometimes l think it too much, knowing l cannot return . Yet there is still one place l can count on to take me back to that state of mind, my paternal grandparent house, and a land l love so much a remote village (Ogbunike) in Nigeria. Their house was old , my grandparents and l lived in it . It was painted cream with dark brown tremming, but most of the paints was chipped away Grandpa and grandma as i fondly call them are my icons . My grandpa was born in 12th January, 1916 into a family of five, all men he was the third son , ten years older than my grandma. He was educated by the missionaries and worked as post master in post office, while my grandma was a petty trader. My grandpa did not go further in after completing his primary education, he vowed that all his children and grand children must attain what he didnt accomplished through education. Both of them where so close that they dont eat without each other, the community believe that because of their closeness after two month of my grandpas death my grandma also died. Both died on Sunday. My grandparent died in 1998 . A man full of fun and ideas and my grandma so cheerful , enerous, and down to earth always willing to assist any one that come across her way . My grandpa was 62 tall. Athletically built with pot belly to match his height and size of body. His frame earn him a nick-name moun- mountain. He was known and easily described in the community. He is also full of humors. Age has gotten a toll of him as he has marks across his face, gray haired and dark age spots on his face and body. Grandpa was hunched over from years of gravity pushing down on his spine. Grandpa loves reading news papers and discussing local and international politics, always wearing his glasses on the tip of his nose while reading. He dresses neatly all the time, always wearing suspender, plain shirt and khaki pants to match pulled all the way to the waist and a cap sitting half way on his head. My paternal grandparents were disciplinarians and always want things done in time and accordingly . My grandma used to take good care of me . She has a kind, gently smile which makes you want to talk with her . Very independent and strong willed lady, as she always prepare food for the family and does all the laundry in the house. She never accept any help from any body My paternal grandparents showed me by their examples what it means to be honest and hardworking . They valued the importance of education and despite my grandma who didnt enter the four wall of primary school was able to learn how to read and write on her own. They constantly keep themselves updated with the latest happening around the world through newspaper and T. V news. They taught me the values of integrity and honesty. They taught my siblings and l to cherish what we have and protect our loved ones. They are great influence to my life, my grandparent are my role model and my inspirations .

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Prediction of rising stars in the cricket - MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Prediction of rising stars in the cricket. Answer: Introduction: The report gives an overview of one of the most popular sport of Australia that is cricket. A discussion gives an overview of the sport along with an analysis how it helps the participants in terms of time, health benefits, money and opportunity cost. There is also a part in the report that discusses about the growth of Cricket in Australia and worldwide along with mention of the participation trend for the sport in the past. The report also predicts about the future trends of cricket along with recommendations for its future funding. Sport is an essential part of the culture in Australia that dates back to the colonial period. Cricket is a sport that has helped in shaping the national as well international identity of the country. Overview of the Cricket in Australia Cricket refers to a popular sport in Australia not only at the international level but also at the local and domestic level. However, the primary administrative body for the sport both at the amateur and professional level is Cricket Australia (Sissons Stoddart, 2014). Australia has a record of around 1,311,184 people who played cricket in the year 2015 -16. This represents an increase of 8.5 percent compared to the previous year thereby making it the highest participation sport in the country. The participation rate of women in the sport was also at a record high in the year 2015-16 (Appadurai, 2015). Cricket is however a sport that is played in Australia for more than 210 years. The first cricket match took place in Sydney in the year 1803 in the month of December. As far as, international cricket is concerned the Australian national team represents the most successful team. Australia is also one of the nations aided in forming the International Cricket Council(ICC) (Hulin et al., 2013). This country plays test series against visiting team, one-day tournament between other teams on the home ground and undertakes overseas tours for the remaining year. Games in cricket played over number of days or hours thereby making it a sport that have the longest time of playing. First class matches for the sport played over a period of three to five days with six hours of dedicated cricket per day (Appadurai, 2015). However, one-day cricket matches lasted for a minimum of six hours. There are special rules for intervals in the game that included tea, drinks and lunch. Cricket Australia has recorded revenue of around $300 million. The leading players of Australia earn around $1million per year. Cricket is a sport that entails various health benefits to the participants through increase in endurance and stamina and balance and flexibility. The sport also improves coordination and enhances cardio vascular activities (Orchard et al., 2015). Through the sport, the participants are able to improve motor and social skills along with improved physical fitness. Cricket is a sport that helps in muscle toning and team building. Growth of the Cricket in Australia and the Participation Trend for Cricket in the Past The growth of Cricket in Australia has been commendable and considered as the leading participation sport in the year 2015-16 (Hickey et al., 2016). The national cricket censuses have also revealed the participation of female players that accounts for almost one quarter of all the players.The participation rate for Cricket in the year 2016-17 recorded was close to around 1.4 million players. The evidence of these put forward by the latest census on National Cricket by Cricket Australia. However, out of 1.4 million participants around 27 percent represented females. The rate of female participation also increased compared to previous year with nearly 400,000 players compared to only 80,000 players in the previous year (Biscomb Griggs, 2013). According to the Census, there was an increase in the multicultural participation close to 28 percent. Indigenous participation and disability participation for the sport also that accounted for about 40 percent and 70 percent respectively (Eime et al., 2015). The communities and club participation also increased to 9.5 percent that was close to figures around 454,657. Amongst them juniors, aged between the age group of 5 to 12 years made up around 59.4 percent of the participants in the year 2015-16 (Sissons Stoddart, 2014). The participation figures for Cricket outstripped by the attendance rate of the audience. The year 2016-17 set a newer record of 1.8 million Australians attending the elite cricket(Khoo, Schulenkorf Adair, 2014). Figures showed 1,863,846 people attending the international cricket backed by stronger television rating. The indoor and school participation also increased by 9.9 percent and 7.5 percent respectively. Figure: Participation Trend for the Year 2016-17 Source: (Hickey et al., 2016) The past participation trend in the sport has also been immense. Cricket was in the heart of Australia from time immemorial. The initial recorded match of the sport occurred in Sydney in the year 1803. The first tour to Australia was by an English cricket team in the year 1861-62. In the year, 1868, a team of Aboriginal cricketers was the first Australian cricket team who toured England (Hajkowicz et al., 2013). Overall, the team participated in 47 matches of which they won 14 matches, had a draw in 19 matches and lost around 14 matches. The standards of Australian cricket raised during its representative tour that it took to England in the year 1878. Although war brought a halt to the test cricket in Australia however the end of war in Europe in the year 1945 started by playing a victory test in England. The year 1970 saw administrators and players coming to conflict. Prediction of the Future Trends of Cricket There is a prediction for the development of a comprehensive five-year strategy put forward by the authoritative board, Cricket Australia, following the conference on Australian Cricket in Melbourne (Ahmad et al., 2016). The comprehensive strategy, there will be a greater emphasis on a clear structure of international cricket that will enhance the importance of Test Cricket. The strategy will also have a greater emphasis on Big Bash League for the female as well as male players particularly for complementing the international cricket. The trends put forward by the strategy will also include: Ensuring a True Sport for Girls and Women: The strategy will help in amplifying the focus on the importance and role of elite female cricketers thereby ensuring that cricket is a sport for everyone. The approach will be available from the grass root thereby making sure that every club in Australia related to the sport develops a supportive and welcoming environment for girls and women. Review of Investment for GrassRootCricket: The strategy will also put forward a review on the investment at the grass root level especially for the girls and the boys belonging to the clubs and schools along with a delivery model for the sport(Biscomb Griggs, 2013). Commitment for modified versions of investment made for the year 2017-18. There were also plans for pursuing the development of the formats of social cricket that aligned with the increasing casual participation trends available across sporting sector in the continent. Focusing on ways for Enhancing Fan Engagement: The comprehensive strategy will also help in focusing on elite cricket, as there will be more focus in exploring the ways for increasing the fan engagement with the international cricket. Cricket Australia has easily endorsed the progress made by the international cricket in pursuing changes to the context and the structure that helps in underpinning the competition between the countries(Sturm, 2015). This will enable including a clear structure and larger context for the international cricket that will help in giving more to the fans. In addition to attaining an international stage, it will also help Australian cricket to refine and develop a more robust growth strategy for the Big Bash League for women and men. Ensuring Success of ICC Cricket World Cup: The strategy also meant for ensuring that Australian Cricket association agreed for working towards the success of ICC World Twenty20 in the year 2020 that would also surpass the events of 2015 in terms of viewership, attendees and influence on the growth of game(Maxwell et al., 2013). Recommendation for Future Funding of Cricket The future funding of the cricket can come through partnership of Cricket Australia with territory and state associations. The partnership can invest around $1.5 million into various cricketing related projects through the National Community Facility Funding Scheme. The funding not only increase participation in community cricket but at the same time improve the experience of the volunteers, officials and participants. Increased funding also helps in providing increased access to the sport. Conclusion: The report ends by throwing a light on the future funding of Cricket. There is also discussion on the future trends of cricket. The report further throws a light on the growth of Cricket in Australia and the participation trend of the past. There is also an overview on the cricket as a sport in Australia. In Australia cricket considered as a sport with higher participation rate. The popularity of cricket is so high that there is hardly any chance of overshadowing by other sports. References: Ahmad, H., Daud, A., Wang, L., Hong, H., Dawood, H., Yang, Y. (2017). Prediction of rising stars in the game of cricket. IEEE Access, 5, 4104-4124. Appadurai, A. (2015). Playing with modernity: the decolonization of Indian cricket.Altre Modernit, (14), 1-24. Biscomb, K., Griggs, G. (2013). A splendid effort!Print media reporting of Englands womens performance in the 2009 Cricket World Cup. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 48(1), 99-111. Eime, R., Harvey, J., Charity, M., Casey, M., Westerbeek, H., Payne, W. (2015). Four-year trends in sport participation and retention: The gender differences.Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport,19, e33-e34. Hajkowicz, S. A., Cook, H., Wilhelmseder, L., Boughen, N. (2013). The Future of Australian Sport: Megatrends shaping the sports sector over coming decades. A Consultancy Report for the Australian Sports Commission. Hickey, C., Harrison, L., Ollis, D., Mooney, A. (2016). The professionalisation of Australian women's cricket: new times and new opportunities. Hulin, B. T., Gabbett, T. J., Blanch, P., Chapman, P., Bailey, D., Orchard, J. W. (2013). Spikes in acute workload are associated with increased injury risk in elite cricket fast bowlers.Br J Sports Med, bjsports-2013. Khoo, C., Schulenkorf, N., Adair, D. (2014). The benefits and limitations of using cricket as a sport for development tool in Samoa.Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal,6(1), 76-102. Maxwell, H., Foley, C., Taylor, T., Burton, C. (2013). Social inclusion in community sport: A case study of Muslim women in Australia.Journal of Sport Management,27(6), 467-481. Orchard, J. W., Blanch, P., Paoloni, J., Kountouris, A., Sims, K., Orchard, J. J., Brukner, P. (2015). Cricket fast bowling workload patterns as risk factors for tendon, muscle, bone and joint injuries. Br J Sports Med, 49(16), 1064-1068. Sissons, R., Stoddart, B. (2014).Cricket and Empire (RLE Sports Studies): The 1932-33 Bodyline Tour of Australia(Vol. 10). Routledge. Sturm, D. (2015). Smash and Bash Cricket? Affective Technological Innovations in the Big Bash.Media International Australia,155(1), 80-88.

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Review of «Adapting Kohlberg to Enhance the Assessment of Managers Moral Reasoning» by James Weber

Introduction This write-up intends to review an article written by James Weber titled Adapting Kohlberg to Enhance the Assessment of Managers’ Moral Reasoning. The main areas that this essay will tackle include: the basis of the article, the main points presented in the article and a critical evaluation of the article with reference to how well the article achieves its goals, shortcomings, possibilities suggested by the article and conclude with the most convincing points.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Review of  «Adapting Kohlberg to Enhance the Assessment of Managers’ Moral Reasoning » by James Weber specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the article, Weber seeks to illustrate how to enhance Kohlberg’s Moral Judgment Interview and the Standard Issue Scoring Method by conducting an empirical study that uses four adaptations. The main purpose of the article was to illustrate that, there ar e other scientifically acceptable methods, which are, a modification of Kohlberg methods that can be utilized in the quest of enhancing the assessment of the level of moral reasoning for managers. Based on the evidence presented inform of discussions and sample interview questions, Weber was able to convince me on the applicability and generalization of his findings. Background information Conflict resolution in any organizational setting is an essential facet that ensures proper workplace relations, interactions and performance thus ensuring that organizational goals are met in due time. Weber in this article strives to provide better ways of assessing the manager’s level of reasoning with reference as to how they deal with emerging conflicts in the workplace. In order to critically evaluate the applicability, generalization and the internal validity of Weber’s empirical research, I will evaluate the nature and scope of his literature review, sample size, data collect ion tools, data presentation and analysis and discussions. Summary Weber has justified the relevance of assessing the level of moral reasoning for managers by indicating that managers are continuously faced with substantial conflicting issues in the work place thus, the need to assess their level of ethical and moral reasoning in dealing with such issues (293). Further, to justify for the need to come up with adaptation strategies that are relevant for assessing the moral reasoning for managers, Weber identifies the major shortcomings of Kohlberg instruments of moral assessment by indicating that, â€Å"Kohlberg’s objective was to assess the development of an individual’s moral reasoning from childhood to adult hood†, which is contrary to what Weber sort to assess (294).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Further, Weber has explained Kohlberg assertion of t he reasoning development stages as proconvetional, conventional and postconventional. Weber explains that, according to Kohlberg method of assessing the level of moral reasoning, this stages are relevant in the sense that they present an individual’s reasoning from childhood through to adult hood in relation to the environment that the inhabit (295-296). To test his hypothesis, Weber prescribes four adaptation strategies that build on Kohlberg’s methods. They include more moral dilemmas that are familiar to the client as opposed to familiar dilemmas, probe questions that expound on organizational values, written interviews, as opposed to oral interviews and a Standard Issue Scoring that is more particular on moral concepts (297-304). Weber’s findings indicate that when the managers’ moral reasoning were assessed based on familiar dilemmas, and unfamiliar dilemmas, the responses assessed indicated that familiar dilemmas scores were low and, that they were better placed to assess the level of moral reasoning. Results also indicate that more managers were willing to be interviewed through written interviews â€Å"97%† as opposed to the â€Å"50† response rate recorder for oral interviews (304). Further, the introduction of follow up questions that were related to organizational values was significant in evaluating the managers’ moral responses. Results also indicate that the inclusion of a Standard Issue Scoring tool that was centered on moral concept was insignificant (308). Critical evaluation The main agenda behind Weber’s article was to demonstrate that, there were other viable recognize scientific options other than the conventional Kohlberg moral reasoning assessment tools. Through a well though sample size for the two sets of interviews (oral and written), Weber was able to prove that more managers were inclined to written interviews as it took less time (304-305). Further, the inclusion of the used i nterview questions (Appendix A) and the use of correlation analysis were tremendously important in this study in order to indicate the differences between Weber’s adapted methods and the original Kohlberg methods. Therefore, the article was able to achieve its goals. The article suggests that, it is possible to come up with a Standard Issue Scoring method that is more competent than Kohlberg’s, by conducting more research on the tool.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Review of  «Adapting Kohlberg to Enhance the Assessment of Managers’ Moral Reasoning » by James Weber specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More He also suggests that, there is a possibility that, a researcher who uses his third adaptation (use of probe questions that focus on organization value) might not get the exact level of moral reasoning because, that adaptation requires careful considerations with reference to the type of quest ions asked (308). Generally, the article indicates that, it is possible to use the four adaptations and arrive at a much better conclusion. The general format and presentation of the article was excellent; however, there were some minor shortcomings which included an extremely short literature review and a shallow discussion that had minimal comparison to other research findings on the same topic. Conclusion In conclusion, Weber’s article was exceptionally informative as it derived various convincing points such as it is possible to conduct better moral reasoning assessments for managers by using interviews in written form as opposed to oral interviews and using more familiar dilemmas as opposed to unfamiliar dilemmas. The article also acknowledges that, organizational values have a lot of bearing on how managers resolve conflicts and that a more consistent Standard Issue Scoring tool needs to be developed. Works Cited Weber, James. â€Å"Adapting Kohlberg to enhance the ass essment of managers’ moral reasoning.† Business Ethics Quarterly 1.3 (1990): 293-318. Print. This essay on Review of  «Adapting Kohlberg to Enhance the Assessment of Managers’ Moral Reasoning » by James Weber was written and submitted by user Ryann Richardson to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.